About Us

CONT Group is an engineering company which was established over ten years ago, working within the label printing industry in Russia.

The company was first registered by the Registration Chamber of Moscow on 4th March 1993 under Licence No. 313087 and with Main State No. 1027739088673 from 20th August 2002.

The main activity of the company is the facilitation of the flow of both goods and finance between its customers in Russia and Europe. Our overall objective is to provide Russian customers with the opportunity to buy spare parts from European manufacturers, in Russia, for Roubles, and for the foreign manufacturer to sell his products in Roubles to Russian companies.

CONT Group, in partnership with another company, has arranged warehouse facilities in Berlin. We manage all import and export formalities with Customs Houses during the delivery of parts, including onward transportation using our own trucks. We also provide guarantee of payment to the supplier upon delivery of the goods.

Prominent among the companies with which we have formed a partnership are: GEW, Alpha-Cure, Primarc, Spilker, Zecher, Windmoller & Holscher, Bobst Group and Biellony.

CONT Group would like to offer to our most important European partners:

  • Our help in obtaining official invitations to visit the Russian Federation, accompanied by our own representatives.
  • The opportunity to participate in International Exhibitions such as Label-Expo and PoligraphInter on our own Stand.
  • Help with the promotion of their products and services in the Russian Market.
  • Provision of on going liaison with, and after sales service to the end user.

We are always seeking to expand our list of Business Partners

For our Russian Clients we offer delivery of their ordered products from abroad, with Customs clearance and Import Duty paid and settlement of their account in Roubles. We can also supply any information needed about our other foreign Partners.

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